Proximity Switches

Proximity switches are sensors that operate to detect a ferrous or magnetic target without any physical contact and determine position. Common applications of proximity sensors/switches are used in engines to detect crankshaft or camshaft position. Hall effect zero speed technology is generally used in Proximity sensor design which requires an input voltage. As the sensor passes the ferrous target, it detects the position and an output signal is produced at that constant position. Once the Proximity switch is out of position (no longer in the proximity of the ferrous target or magnet), the output signal changes. Proximity switches are designed to be rugged, robust, and resistant to electromagnetic interference.


  • Digital output
  • Supply voltage from 4.5 - 24 Vdc                    
  • Operating Temp -40°C to + 150°C                
  • Normally open mode standard
  • Designed for easy orientation
  • Customized versions available
  • Adapts to various configurations

Sizes Available


.500" to .750 diameter

UNF Thread

1/2-20 to 3/4-16

Metric Thread

M12X1.25 to M22X1.5

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