Hall Effect Speed Sensors

Hall Effect (HE) speed sensors are sometimes referred to as switches as they switch on and off when the tooth of a gear passes across the sensor. H.E. Speed Sensors typically consist of three wires which are power, ground and signal. HE sensors usually have 1 to 2 Hall Effect chips that are positioned on a magnet within the sensor and is in close proximity to the ferrous target wheel. When the target wheel turns, the magnetic flux increases and creates Hall voltage which in turn produces a square digital signal wave. The advantages of a Hall effect speed sensor are that they can still detect the target at a larger airgap and continue to produce a signal at zero speed whereas a VR sensor cannot.


  • True zero speed sensing   
  • Digital output  
  • No moving parts or contacts                            
  • Supply Voltage from 4.5 - 24Vdc                    
  • Operating Temp -40°C to + 125°C                
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes                  
  • Rugged design                    
  • Configurable for most environments
  • Customized versions available
  • Adapts to various configurations

Sizes Available


.250" to .500 diameter

UNF Thread

1/4-28 to 3/4-16

Metric Thread

M12X1.25 to M22X1.5

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